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Philza suck and nibbled at your neck hungrily, leaving red mark down your body as you let out moan. His hand traveled down your body to your core, lightly touching it before pumping two fingers in stretching you out. Philza is a king IT'S AN X READER FIC get over it You Have Been Warned In a modern world, you are a sucker for historic buildings and monuments. Using the money that you save up from your job to get the best transport, allowing yourself to get to that place.

philzaxreader awesamdudexreader +14 more # 11 [Daddy Issues] [Philza X Reader] by I love deranged men 3.6K 136 3 There has been a arsonist running around for the past 15 years, now that Sam is a warden he decides its finally time to put an end to their cruel ways after they attempt. dsmp rat philzaminecraftxreader +13 more # 12 Philza x reader smut with a wing kink? You dont have to but it'd be cool if the plot was that Phill never let her touch his wings and she never knew why. Also she/her pronouns plz Ahhh, wing kink. When all the people graduated from MHA during the s5 hiatus, all the Hawks stans came to MCYT and just fell in love with Philza.

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Four sets of eyes lit up as they all yelled 'me'. I sat down in the middle of the couch, Phil holding my hand on my left and Techno on my right, Tommy and Tubbo both lying on the ground staring up at me and Wilbur sitting right next to Phil. "Okay, listen up you rascals, this is the story of Hercules. ".

GIF by starkystar. CONTEXT: philza was gifted another child by his beloved wife. DYNAMIC: sbi x child!winged!reader. TWS/HEADS-UP: fluff+angst, bullying, blood,the reader having nightmares, bruises and harsh words please be careful while reading (also reader makes a friend yay :D) mentions of spiders.

Once again, Philza gets to see the mess you call your wings. His nose scrunches up in disgust and he pulls his hat down over his eyes. The two walk over to Philza, talking softly to each other. "Hey Phil, we're going to eat some lunch inside if you want to join us." The older man huffs. "No thanks, I'm busy."

The crow hybrid pulls you close, his wings moving to hide you from view. You struggle for a split second, giving up when Philza tells you to stop, his voice tight. Resting your head on his chest, you listen to the various grunts and squeals around you. Weapons clash nearby while Technoblade fights the piglin off.

technoblade tommyinnit tubbo wilbursoot philza dreamsmp dream mcyt sapnap ranboo georgenotfound wilbur sbi quackity minecraft dsmp dreamwastaken tommy techno badboyhalo. 1.2K Stories. Sort by: Hot.. just a normal reader insert, I mean its as normal as it can be when you're forced to fight in an arena at an early age. but that's besides the.

Y/N, Y/n is a simple Girl, She works, eats, sleeps, like a normal human. One day, as she walks home, a storm as had across at their area. This lead Y/n to go to her online bestfriend's house, Tommy. Tommy's brother, Wilbur, He and Y/n had an awkward staring contest with each other..

male reader - Relationship; dreamwastaken/ male reader; dwt/ male reader; georgenotfound/ male reader; gnf/ male reader; gogy/ male reader; sapnap/ male reader; clay/ male reader; nick/ male reader; tommyinnit/ male reader fluff; tubbo/ male reader fluff; ranboo/ male reader fluff; philza/ male reader platonic; punz/ male reader; luke/ male.

At age 6, out of countless noble and upper class families, Philza was chosen to be engaged to the Crown Prince in an arranged marriage. At age 15, The Crown Prince and his fiance were adored by the country, often being referred to as a pair of "lovebirds". At age 20, Phil married the Crown Prince.

This one started with numbers - coordinates, neatly written in Philza's signature scratchy letterface directing him somewhere beyond the fences of their abode, the longitude and latitude printed clearly on blank white. There wasn't a map, there wasn't a single letter out of place, not even for context. X:-2538. Y:715.

This book will NOT contain Smut or lemon! I know they are real people and I do not want to make them feel uncomfortable. It's their choice to reach out to me and make me delete this book and same goes for the other book. It's their choice. Yup! Your Philza's son!

Reader; Additional Tags: Smut; Lemon; Minecraft; DreamSMP - Freeform; TechnoBlade; Mentioned Technoblade (Video Blogging RPF) Technoblade/Dave;. I'll be taking requests :) I do Technoblade smuts (x readers). I will do: Boy x Boy Girl x Boy Choke kinks Smut Etc. What I WON'T DO.

mumza philza technoblade tommyinnit tubbo wilbursoot ranboo dsmp dreamsmp wilbur sbi dadza dream mcyt tommy sapnap philzaminecraft techno quackity georgenotfound. 572 Stories.. Family (dsmp x child reader) by Quinn. 56.9K 1.6K 16. It's a dangerous place, filled with supervillains and abusive father's. But one strange interaction with the.

revivebur wilbursoot dsmp dreamsmp ghostbur wilbur tommyinnit quackity tubbo ranboo technoblade dream philza mcyt tntduo quackbur tommy angst minecraft fundy. 176 Stories.. -This is a sequel to another DSMP C!Wilbur and C!Dream x reader book, A Crashed Wedding- Y/N is still upset about the death of her first love, Wilbur Soot, and the death.

Coma. Ezra is a troubled teen from a troubled home. One day, after turning 15, he convinces his dad to take him on a business trip to Britain. There he meets three of the Sleepy Bois, but can they break down all of the walls he has had to build up over the years. Not only with his unwillingness to make fr.

7 pages February 4, 2019 Wednesdays fall. Hetalia Reverse Harem Yandere | Reader | Anime/Manga Romance Obsessive London Lemons Various 2p 1p X Reader 2phetalia Yandere England. (Name) is the personification of London, the Capital of England. She was not always like this. She was a normal human girl. But her guardian England loved her very much.

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