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Common Computer Problems And How To Rectify Them

 Recommend ArticleIt has become almost impossible to live without computers. You need it to read, communicate, compile documents, and even make money online. While they are great devices to have, they tend to develop problems. Here are some of the most common computer problems:

Failure To Boot

If you have been using computers for a while you must have come across this problem. The first thing that you should do when you have this problem is to confirm if your computer is connected to power. If it is connected and still can’t work, you should consider trying a different power point.

If the computer still doesn’t work you should open it in order to ensure that all the components are properly seated in their sockets. Things such as add-in cards, memory sticks have been shown to prevent computers from booting; therefore, you should take a look at them and ensure that they are in their right places.

Short circuits are known to prevent computers from working; therefore, you should take a keen look at the inside of the computer and check if there are any burned out components. The major causes of short circuit are: water damage, power surges and overheating.


Computers are designed to process data fast; however, they tend to slow down due to a number of reasons such as too many programs, viruses, overheating and outdated drivers.

To solve the problem you should stop unnecessary programs. You should also ensure that your computer isn’t overheating by keeping the interior dust free. You should also ensure that the cooling fans are working perfectly.

If you feel that the problem may be resulting from viruses, you should open your antivirus software and ensure that it’s up-to-date. To get rid of any possible malware you should run a full scan of your computer.

Weird Noises

Noises can signal a pending mechanical failure. The problem could also be as a result of a loose computer part. To rectify the problem you should shift the path of the wires. It’s also wise that you tighten the screws.


These are some of the most common computer problems. While there are some problems that you can rectify on your own, it’s highly discouraged that you try to rectify the problems if you don’t have the necessary computer skills. For example, you shouldn’t attempt to open the computer if you don’t have the skills. For your computer to last for a long time you should ensure that you buy it from a reputable store. You should also ensure that it’s repaired by a certified professional.

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