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Heidi Lilley,Owner A-HLComputers
Alan Lilley,The A' of A-HLComputers

Our History


The owners of A -HL Computers are very unique individuals.  Alan and Heidi (the A & H of the company) were both born and raised in the state of Florida.  They attended Lely high school together in Naples.  After high school, Alan joined the Military and then drove Commercially for 18 yrs. Heidi went to the Vo-tech in 1987 for Certified Nurse’s Assistant and have been working in the medical field for over 25 yrs. Then in 2003, Alan got back with his high school sweetheart Heidi. In  2004, they got married. In 2007, Alan graduated from International College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Technology. In 2008, Alan & Heidi started A-HL Computers.