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What Are Adware Popups

What is Adware? 

Adware are advertisement pop ups that keep coming up in the middle of your computer screen. Somewhere along the way while you were surfing the internet, you must have clicked on something that enticed you to accept somebody’s offer. You may have downloaded something like freeware that had an adware virus bundled in the download.

Once you click on the infected link, an adware virus is automatically installed on your computer. Adware tracks what products you pull up on the computer and sends you information about similar products in hopes that you will buy one of their products.

Avoid Clicking On Unfamiliar Links

Don’t click on links or downloads that are unfamiliar, and stay away from freeware as it most always comes bundled with software you don’t need, want, or will ever use. Yet it occupies and takes up space on the hard drive and slows up your computer. Quite often they throw in a free virus just for good measure.

Unfortunately we click on things that we shouldn’t sometimes. We check on our email and somebody somehow got your email address and sent you an offer you couldn’t refuse. You clicked on the email to find out more about it and immediately, adware is installed on your computer.

You now begin to experience what happens when you have an adware virus, as adware pop ups are now coming up on your computer screen. The rule of thumb would be “if you didn’t directly search for that particular product or link, don’t click on it. If it’s unfamiliar, don’t click on it.”

Adware Are Advertisements Pop Ups On Your Screen

Adware pop ups quite often happens when you’re in the middle of a document or working on something important on your computer. The pop ups keep coming up on your computer. You can’t get any work done as the pop ups are in the middle of the work area on your screen. You click on it to get rid of it and it just keeps popping up.

Avoid Adware By Implementing These Simple Steps

Click on tools – internet options – privacy tab – and put a check mark in the box to turn on pop up blocker. Install The Google and or Firefox Toolbar For Extra Protection. Once adware has infected your computer you will have to remove it from your computer by investing in adware or spyware software. Install and run program. This will scan – detect – remove – and replace the corrupted files with fresh new entries.a-hlcomputerWhat Are Adware Popups

Should I Use Adware Freeware Software

My experience with freeware has not been good. I prefer to invest in reputable virus software that will automatically run the scans, remove viruses, protect against future threats, and automatically update the definitions.

Any freeware I have tried usually comes bundled with other software you have no need for which drains on the memory resources and slows down your computer. Many times freeware comes with a virus. Free is nice when it doesn’t cost you anything, but if you end up with a virus because you downloaded freeware, the price can be rather expensive! You got to ask yourself, why are the vendors giving this software away for free?

More Preventative Measures For Avoiding Adware

Run regular scans with an antivirus software, either adware or spyware. Run regular scans with malware software. Run regular scans with registry cleaner software. Install and run regular scans with internet security software. Keep your device drivers updated. Keep all your software updated. Download security updates from Microsoft update.

All security software will scan for different virus threats, remove those threats, fix the corrupted registry files, and protect your PC against future threats. It blocks your computer from accessing a harmful website that it detects as having viruses.

Adware Security Software Factors to Consider When Choosing A Product

The software should have a good reputation. Software should be easy to download and install. The software must be efficient at what it does. The software must remove the virus. Customer Service – 24 hour turn around service with a solution. A 15 – 60 day trial period is a must.