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Face it: You probably cannot let a day pass without downloading something-programs, applications, photos, videos, and anything else you could think of. It’s always nice to have something new to do, but the thing is, sometimes, downloads just take forever to finish-and no one really wants to waste time waiting for downloads to end, especially if they have a lot to do. Plus, there are also times when you’d notice that what you have downloaded aren’t working probably because it took so long to download. Thus, you’d feel frustrated. More so, slow downloads affect the overall performance of your computer-and that is why you have to make sure that you fix the problem fast.

Reasons why downloads are slow

There are a couple of reasons why you experience slow downloads, and some of which are as follows:

* Your driver files have not been updated;

* Your internet connection is slow;

* You are using too many applications at once;

* Your modem or router is not working, or has been “frozen”;

* The person who uploaded the files that you are about to download is using a bandwidth limiter;

* You are using a wireless connection;

* The bandwidth has already been maxed out;

* Or, the site or the person that you are trying to download from is located a bit far away from you. This usually happens when you are using torrents.

What you need to do

If you hate slow downloads and want to get rid of this problem forever, then here’s what you have to do:

* Speed Tests. Go to speedtest.net and check for upload and download speeds. Normal speed should happen with a ping of 100 milliseconds or at least, 50% of the rate of what your ISP provides. If you see that the numbers are lower than this, check if your torrent services are uploading or downloading items without your knowledge. Stop any unnecessary actions. Also, go ahead and close any other programs that you don’t need.

* Avoid downloading too much when a lot of applications and tabs are running. People are so much fond of multitasking these days, and that’s why they think that it’s just okay for them to constantly download even if they are working on other stuff. This is wrong. You have to keep in mind that if you want faster downloads, you should make sure that your downloads aren’t slowing your network and your computer down, so it would be best to download while you are away from the PC, or while you are sleeping at night. This will allow the system to just focus on the download and not on anything else.

* Reset modems or routers. Sometimes, these services instantly “freeze”, and you have to reset them so that they could start working again, which also happens when your internet connection stops working for some reason. Unplug power adapters and PC cables so that you can reset your system. Remember to unplug adapters for just two to five seconds then plug them back again. Make sure that you do not take too long to do this.

* Choose to go wired. Wired connections are still so much better than wireless ones, especially when speed is the main concern. Wired connections may offer up to 100 mbps, whereas wireless ones only offer up to at least 60 megabits, which cannot really be considered fast. Wired connections also offer better security.

* Check if you need to download new driver files. If the manufacturer of your hardware requires that you download updated driver files, do it. This is in order for your PC to work better so that download speed would go faster.

* Check information. When downloading from sites, check where the site is located, or where the person who uploaded the file is located so that you will know if you’re just in the same area. If the person is too far from your location, it would be best to look for another person or site to download from.

* Or, call your Internet Service Provider. Sometimes, the master connection has to be reset and when this is the case, you have to contact your ISP so that they could do the work for you.

Downloads basically run the lives of mostly everyone these days and that’s why it’s just essential that you learn how to speed up your computer’s download speed. After all, if download speed is fast, your PC will work faster, too, and you’ll also be able to enjoy what you have downloaded even better. Keep these tips in mind.

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