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What’s the Best Computer to buy?

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This is a tricky question to answer, but one I am asked many times in the course of my job. I do a number of repairs on computer systems. I have or am currently an authorized technician for a multitude of companies. And this is only my opinion from working on these many computer systems.
I have worked or many systems such as Dell, HP/Compaq, IBM, EMachines, Gateway and custom built computers. Now, while in warranty, they are pretty much the same on a repair. You need to do the call for repair, set up an appointment, and then get the system repaired.
Where the big difference is at is after the warranty expires. I am not now, nor have I ever been a fan of proprietary equipment. This is where many have issues. HP/Compaq and Apple are both proprietary systems. Which means in the long run you may end up paying five times or more for a repair. Some of the other quit supporting their systems after a few years.
This is my referral then on computer systems. In the long run, I prefer a good Dell system. The repair time and parts can be found fairly easily, and a repair is in less time and effort. What this means is that the end user, you, the client, end up paying less for repairs and set up.
Don’t get me wrong, for the most part the other systems are good while they work and under warranty. Where I am looking at is in the times after you system warranty runs out. On the other systems, you may be looking at the repair costing more that the computer is worth. I have seen a computer, not Dell, costing over $600 for a repair on a Dell that normally would cost close to $200.
I don’t believe a company should charge proprietary prices for their computer repair. For the most part, most computers are all the same inside. What makes the difference is how it is coded on the system board and hard drive. This is where the price can and normally is jacked up to real high prices. The company knows that the only place you can get parts is from them. Then the company in question can and does charge whatever they want. I don’t like this in computers or anything for that matter.
I hope this blog can or will help you in your decision when deciding to make a computer purchase. And as always, you can contact me any time through my website if you have any additional questions.