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Wireless network definition

Wireless Network, What is it and how does it work

Simply put a wireless network is a way for your devices such as computers, tablets, cell phones and other devices to connect to the internet and without wires. This is done by using one of several different types of devices. I will outline a few of the more common ones and a description of it to help understand it better.

First is the more common way, a home router. A home wireless router can be purchased from just about any retailer and even some phone, cable companies and certain cell phone companies that provide internet services. These are normally easy to set up and can be done fairly quickly. Once correctly connected, you can use it to connect any devices you have to it. Such as desktops, laptops, printers and certain cell phones. I will get into more detail on set up later in this discussion.

Next are the businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, motels, hospitals and more. These are normally preconfigured and ready for your device to be connected. Once the wireless network I discovered, all you should have to do is connect and accept any agreements that may come up.

NETWORK-DIAGRAM-Wireless-Network-Wireless-Router-Network-Diagram3Next in line is to describe what wireless is. Some of us can remember how our T.V.’s connected before cable. A signal was sent out by the television company and your home antenna picked up the signal for you T.V. This is a simple way to describe it, but the principle is there. A signal is brought into your wireless router from where you get your internet from. It then takes that and sends out a signal or a way for your devices to connect. To set up a wireless router is somewhat simple. Most manufactures of wireless routers send out a disc that will describe what and how to do this. Normally what they need to have done at first is once the disc is in; connecting your wireless device or computer to the router. Then you can change, add or modify the wireless device to suit your needs. A few things I would advise to change is the way to log into the router. Most of these have a default user name and password that people more familiar with these know. But keep it simple and easy to remember. Also write done all the information that you change so you will hae it for later if you or someone else needs it.

Next is the wireless security. This is a very important step. Make sure you secure the network with a network key you know and can remember. Such as name, initials, address, phone number, numbers or letters that you like. You can mix these up so you will know it, but still be hard to guess. Use guesses for example, you can still use it, but change it to Gu35s. It is still guessed, but you changed it enough to confuse other people not to try to use your network.

Another way these networks are now being set up is by cell phone providers called Mi-Fi. These are either a way for your cell phone to share the internet connection or a separate device that allows you to use them to connect to the internet. These devices have a code and a name that you can use and have your device remember to connect anywhere where your cell phone has a signal.

One thing to always keep in mind though, and some people were confused by that. You first have got to have an active connection to the internet before any wireless device to work. I could go into a lot more detail, but I want to keep this as simple as possible so the average person can understand it.

To connect your devices such as laptops, tablets, printers, cell phone or other devices first ensure your wireless is enabled on your device. Then click on the network you made and connect to it and follow the prompts to connect your device. This will normally be called a W.A.P. or wireless access protocol. This is where you put the code in from the set up.  From here, you should be connected to the internet and be able to go wherever the signal is in your network area. Below I have put in a small map that I found at, http://www.conceptdraw.com/samples/network-diagram-wireless-network. I hope this helps you in some way to better understand a wireless network. And as always, if you have any questions or issues, contact A-HL Computers for more help.